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essiee43xolz | The greatest allcasinoinbitcoin.top site in all the land! | Page 146

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essiee43xolz | The greatest allcasinoinbitcoin.top site in all the land! | Page 146

My longtime friend and band co-worker from Vanhelgd, Jimmy, has an extraordinary super power: making well thought thru lists of almost everything.
The list is in no specific order and I probebly forgot some great stuff Desolate Shrine — the heart of the Netherworld The third album from Desolate Shrine is draped in an impenetrable massive blackness.
A continuous darkness, like a unfathomable weight on your shoulders that slowly break your bones into dust.
click at this page is a great album to put on while working a larger project like a huge drawing or a painting.
It is simple and striking.
To be a bit picky: Desolate Shrine is one of those bands that could go for a more abstract visual approach in my opinion.
Morgoth — Ungod I was both exited and petrified when I learned that the band that made one of my favorite death metal albums was going to release a new album… Ungod shows up to be the album that should have come after cursed….
Its really really good and has a great updated Morgoth sound to it.
Odium was ruined in my opinion due to the mechanical approach, awful drumming and bad vocals.
Good everyday use death metal!
The cover art has nice colors but could have been a bit more worked through in my opinion.
Mgła — Exercises in Futility There is a hype for sure and I´m joining the bandwagon.
An album that really feels like it was molded and shaped to be a whole album and not a bunch of songs that happened to be written at the same time.
There is no hope, no light and no singalong passages.
The cover is one of the best I´ve seen in years, the anxious but still masterly drawn lines in Charcoal?
The cover adds a visually to the album that makes it even more creepy.
The cover art is a photo of some dude with a blood soaked scarf over his head pounding his head against a wall… looks like a typical Therapy?
So glad that Nick Holmes uses his growl again, the bloodbath was good for him!
To be honest — the songs that have growl in them are the most interesting on this album.
Overall there is something Gothic mixed with Icon over this record.
For being Bielak its also quite clean and leaning more on overall formal aspects, his work is often very hung up on line and detail, this is by no means an exception, but since it leaves a lot of untouched areas in the image it becomes a bit more striking and effective.
Sulphur Aeon — Gateway To The Antisphere Perfect music for the studio.
The artwork by Ola Larsson is a masterpiece of digital painting, never seen anything that good really.
Iron Maiden — Book of souls Iron maiden is religion.
The cover is aweful.
Cruciamentum — Charnel Passages Shape of Despair — Monotony fields Things that should be added to 2018 years list Albez Duz — the coming of Mictlan Superb album with an extraordinary cover art!
Sinmara — Aphotic womb Superb album with an great cover art!
Horrendous — Ecdysis Superb album with an strange cover art!
När jag för några år sedan satte mig ner för att skriva en sorts presentation till mitt konstnärskap identifierade jag två orsaker som starkt bidragit till hur det kommit sig att jag intresserat mig så pass mycket för det visuella: den ena var hårdrocksskivomslag, den andra orsaken var rollspelens visuella retorik.
För övrigt är två av medlemmarna från Nirvana 2002 med i Under the Church som jag gjorde ett omslag till förra året, allt hänger ihop!
Jag fick dock aldrig tillfälle att illustrera något rollspel, det hade varit häftigt.
Boken är stor, fin och lyxig, fullspäckad med illustrationer, en ren nostalgitripp för mig.
Jag kan varmt rekommendera denna bok till alla i min rollspelsgeneration!
A lot of people have been asking me about the symbols in the backdrop design I made for the Swedish band Ghost so here is a small guide to the images in it and how it was made.
The silhouette of the windows made it quite tricky to keep a balance as a whole and even more inside each window.
After printing the shape I started to work with pencils.
When I was done I took a photo of the design and cleaned it up a bit most frequent keno numbers ma Photoshop and then colored the whole piece digitally.
I then experimented a bit trying to remember how we marbleized papers back in elementary school and got some decent looking results.
I scanned them and adjusted the colors and built the wall in Photoshop.
Imagery The overall design is based upon the five wounds of Christ accompanied by nails, and for the middle panels the lance of Longinus in the hands of our mighty lord Satan, bringer of light and destroyer of worlds.
I decided to go with the five elements as an overall theme for the window, one element represented in each window, from left to right, water, earth, aether, fire and air each nameless ghoul has been given an element so I thought that it was a good idea.
Panel 1 — Water Leviathan with an oil rig on his back that drills for oil at the bottom of the panel.
In the middle of the panel there is a foot with a wound and below it a nail.
Kraken and some dead Jesus fish.
Panel 2 — Earth Most frequent keno numbers ma over the mountains and an entrance of a mine.
The shapes also echoes skyscrapers and represent the dusk of civilization.
Below is the sign of the Grucifix surrounded by a worm and a skeleton hand with a wound.
A sprout and a fresh and a dead leaf represent the path towards death.
To the left an hourglass with all sands at the bottom and to the right a rat and underneath Adam and Eve resting in their casket, divided by a nail.
At the unlucky couples feet there is a skull an apple, a spider a rat and a snake.
Panel 3 — Aether Satan in a purple robe, the color of emperors and kings.
Each point of the pentagram halo has a sign that represent one of the elements.
In His hands he holds the lance of Longinus that made the lethal wound in the side go here Christ.
The lance is surrounded by a shape that both echoes a flame and a drop of blood, to the left and the right the armies of Pandæmonium and beneath them a Chalice.
Panel 4 — Fire A dragon above an infernal mandorla that surrounds the left hand of a demon.
Beneath the mandorla there is a nail and from the bottom of the panel to the top the nine circles of hell are represented.
Panel 5 — Air Smoke above chimneys and a skyscraper above the clouds.
A foot with a wound and a nail under it and a bat above a sacrificial lamb upon a pyre flanked by two empty bird cages.
Some time ago I was asked to make a shirt design for Under the Church and I guess they liked it since they asked me to do the cover art for their first full length most frequent keno numbers ma Rabid Armageddon.
Initially the process was quite slow, the band had an idea that I did some sketches on.
While trying out the bands idea I found an old sketch that I played around with a bit and sent them.
Actually I think I made it while trying out brushes in Photoshop, a Friday afternoon doodle.
Both Pulverised Records and Under the Church liked it and we decided to choose that path instead.
I think it looks like a cover for an eighties horror book or something.
The recording is grim and dirty plain old school death metal so my goal was to create something expressive and threatening rather than a nicely drawn illustration.
Since I wanted it to be ruff and dirty I decided to paint it by hand in oil on panel.
I experimented a lot with the underpainting using a black base and withe pens, acrylics and even some air-brush that I actually have no idea at all how to use but it most frequent keno numbers ma well when shading the clouds.
The oil painting was more like tinting the underpainting.
I used a lot of medium to make the paint transparent and did a couple of layers.
Finally I did some digital highlights and adjustments before putting the whole layout together.
Bakgrund Sedan 2010 har Mattias Frisk arbetat med en rad olika verk som behandlar människans relation till naturen, livet och döden.
Genom att använda gestaltningsformer som normalt förknippas med de ritualer och platser vi brukar i samband med döden — exempelvis det sakrala rummet, begravningsritualer och de efterlevandes platser för minne — har Frisk sökt förmedla allvaret i den situation naturen och mänskligheten nu tycks befinna sig i.
En central tematik i flera av dessa verk är den stora mängd fågelarter som dött ut de senaste 500 åren.
Verk från utställningarna har även visats på Norrköpings Konstmuseum som del i en samlingsutställning.
I arbetet med dessa utställningar växte tanken fram om en mer varaktig verk i form av en minnessten för utdöda fåglar.
Projektet har kunnat realiseras genom stöd från regionförbundet Östsam och Finspångs kommun där minnesstenen nu finns i Bruksparken.
Minnesstenen Fåglar har länge valts som symboler för olika centrala företeelser i människans tillvaro, födelse, död, fred, olycka och så vidare.
Dronten Raphus cucullatusutdöd på 1680-taletvars namn finns med på stenen har kommit att bli en populärkulturell symbol för just utdöda arter.
Av alla nu levande fågelarter står närmare 13 % inför hot om utrotning 1244 av 9856 enligt webbsidan the Sixt Extinction, 2012 och under de senaste 500 åren har ett stort antal arter av fåglar redan dött ut.
Enligt the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species uppgick år 2012 antalet till 132 stycken, exklusive underarter.
Namnen på dessa 132 arter har graverats på en plakett av rostfritt stål som blivit fäst vid en ca 85×75 cm, ca 300kg tung, massiv granitsten.
Minnesstenens enkla och strama utförande har valts för att i möjligaste mån undvika att skymma verkets innehåll: de utdöda fågelarterna.
Här finns inga förskönande visuella omskrivningar eller illustrationer utan endast var arts latinska namn, ett namn givet av människan och i de allra flesta fallen en existens fråntagen av människan på grund av vårt agerande.
Vi bygger monument över enskilda personer men minnesmärken över utdöda djurarter lyser med sin frånvaro.
Konstnärens förhoppning är att minnesstenen skall väcka tankar om naturen, vår plats och del i den samt skapa en sekulär plats för kontemplation.
Finally I am able to reveal the artwork for the Great Discord!
The process started about 1,5 year ago and have been slow but very interesting and a bit different from what I usually do when it comes to album most frequent keno numbers ma NO SKULLS!!!
Fia told me on our first meeting.
The most frequent keno numbers ma had a clear vison on what they were looking for but at the same time leaving me free most frequent keno numbers ma do the best with their concept.
What makes this a bit special for me is that I got quite a lot of room for experimentation; I used Photography, cut and paste, prints, painting and digital painting to create the artwork.
Martin Frid and Jenny Brännare helped me out in a lot of different ways, cutting out trees from paper, being models and giving me a lot of feedback!
Cover art The cover art was created with gouache on paper, pen on paper and some a lot of digital painting and editing.
The band wanted a small figure whose shadow was towering above him in a threatening way and painted in a way that reminded of art deco.
Album image The inside of the gatefold vinyl version displays a forest with a number of figures that connects to the songs on the album.
Making this image was both interesting and time consuming.
I made some really fast test images on an early stage before I presented my ideas about the forest for Aksel and Fia.
With the help from Martin and Jenny I build a miniature landscape in the studio.
We took some photos based on the bands ideas: a man dragging a corpse, someone mourning a dead person, an old man and so on.
Then we printed them and placed them in a forest of paper trees and real branches.
I used a print on a forest taped to a light box for background.
When I found a shot the worked I printed it on aquarelle paper and painted on the figures and some trees, then I took a photo of the print and worked with it digitally, adding some trees, moving one figure and colored it in the same blue tone as the cover image.
Progress shot Album image I also made four t-shirt designs, two based on the artwork and two original.
It most frequent keno numbers ma be available on Friday the 27th of February.
It´s obviously an homage to one of the most important artist in the extreme metal scene: Dan Seagrave.
Seagraves paintings had a huge impact on me when I was young and inspired me to draw and paint.
Sometimes I bought records just becouse he made the cover — with a great cover it cant be bad music… right… Today I started to paint.
Not on commission, not an illustration.
I have not painted for at least half a year and have no hope that it will work out fine on the first try, if I continue this task on regular basis I might have got back into the understanding of the process by the summer.
Painting is getting harder for every year that passes, for every image I see.
When thinking about it now it click here logic that my approach to painting is similar to what I used to do 15 years ago, just drowning everything in dissolved oil colors, killing every hue, now I have to wait for a week or so until I can start again.
Maybe that will be the gateway.
Studio adress: Vasaplan 1, Mjölby Open weekdays 9-16 Post: Järnvägsgatan 3 59634 Skänninge Phone: +46 0 704 756 356 The content of this website is protected by copyright, and other intellectual property rights.
It is not to be reproduced, transmitted, made available on a network or used to create derivative works without prior written agreement.

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